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Assessments & Evaluations can be STRESSFUL..

“Assessment day stress” is a thing… We’re often hardest on ourselves when it comes time to impress an Assessor with a smooth rescue or pulling information from the memory banks.

.. #selftalk, #doubt, #fear…

#overcome… #engage… take a moment to plan and visualize. USE the white board. And definitely Don’t Rush‼️

This is not Rope Trip 😉

Focus in on the job and the task at hand.. The stress of “Assessment day” can be much less than that of a real life #rescue of an injured worker 😉

And… Remember that IRATA Assessors & SPRAT Evaluators also need to recalibrate their certifications every 3yrs, and so.. they know what you’re feeling on the day..


Have a great Assessment ‼️

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