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How to PASS a Rope Access Assessment/Evaluation

An IRATA Instructor/Assessors perspective ..

PUT IN THE WORK‼️ That’s all there is to it..


What’s the work?

READ the material‼️ LEARN the skills‼️

What should you read?

IRATA – T.A.C.S.‼️ IRATA – I.C.O.P.‼️ SPRAT – Safe Practices for Rope Access Work‼️ SPRAT – Certification Requirements‼️ T.M.C. Training Manual‼️ Manufacturers Specifications of the equipment you use on course‼️ Local legislation‼️

Show up on day one with a FULL understanding of what’s required of YOU of the level and certifying body that YOU are going for.

“What’s required of you” is found in the IRATA – Training Assessment Certification Scheme & the SPRAT – Certification Requirements.

DO NOT “expect” a positive result if you have not done this reading in preparation of your course. This isn’t the early 2000’s where everyone gets an honorary participation medal for just showing up. If you have no prior experience in Rope Access, don’t fret, this preliminary reading and understanding will be your greatest asset as a candidate during the course AND on test day… trust me on this.


If you’re already certified at a lower Level, DO NOT expect to be “retrained” at that level during your upgrading course. Show up on day one with a FULL understanding and the technical skill set of your current Level.

Day one is NOT the time for a “refresher” of all the L2 skills on your upgrade to L3 course. Take interest, be prepared. Own it.


Find a comfy chair, stay awake, rest your weary body and take it upon YOURSELF to dig into the documentation provided to you and review it in the evenings during your course‼️ The lead instructor has as many as 7 other candidates to educate & as much as we all like to think that we’re so very special, we are not. Take OWNERSHIP of the certification process and take it seriously. You will understand why I’ve said this if you’re having a unsavoury test day as a result of not doing the work..

You can rely on the instructor to impart knowledge onto you.. but, it is not the instructors responsibility to beat it into you if you have not done YOUR PART in reading the material. Their input, delivery & demonstrations will be consistent from one week to the next.


Use the time in the training centre to climb, rig and DO. Rest your body & mind when you must.. But rally ALL week and keep busy climbing & rigging while you’re in that rope filled space. It is your only chance to use it in preparation for your test day. Doing this, and becoming proficient in the REQUIRED practical skills is your second biggest asset as a candidate.

READ the material‼️ LEARN the skills‼️ There are no other options..

Arm yourself with Skill, Knowledge & Understanding.

PUT IN THE WORK‼️ (have you noticed the theme here?)

“YOU CAN EITHER DO THIS STUFF, OR YOU CANNOT”.. A line often used by Instructors, Assessors and Evaluators in the opening safety talks.

It is NOT up to anyone else but yourself to motivate you or stimulate you into achieving this goal… A PASSED certification is YOURS. And you should be proud of it when it happens… because YOU did the work.

Remember.. Assessments & Evaluations are a TEST of our abilities and understanding of the certification that you are trying to achieve…

Do these things, and you will be off to a great start in the very satisfying journey of PASSING a Rope Access certification.

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I’m always up for a chat.

Cheers… thanks for reading & Good Luck!

Dirk Dorenbos

IRATA 5891 L3/A/i

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