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Our Products and Devices are technically advanced tools with superior design & function to protect your Ropes from hazardous sharp & abrasive edges in the often harsh Industrial Rope Access working environment.

We’ve taken Rope Access edge management systems to another level. 

As such, our founder believes that there are better ways to protect a Rope from sharp & abrasive edges in any environment that Ropes are used to support human life.

Gone are the days of using a discarded garden hose, sections of ratty carpet or modified fire hose to protect life supporting Ropes in today’s technologically advanced world.

We are passionate about working safely on rope.

And we bring this passion to our products in their engineered simplicity, effectiveness and the ultimate end user functionality.  As such, working with HP, The Vortex & The Edge all use the most advanced “Additive Manufacturing” technologies available today to achieve these goals in design and function.

In the world of manufactured edge management systems protecting ropes from hazards.
The Vortex, The Edge & The Edge 90° are leading the pack..

Dirk Dorenbros (IRATA L3/A/i)

Dirk was certified as an IRATA Level 1 in Llanberis Wales UK in 1999.  (

He is now certified as an IRATA Level 3, Instructor & Assessor.

Dirk worked on rope, traveling around the UK and Europe for 2 yrs before returning to Canada.  He began working with (Remote Access Technology) Canada’s only IRATA Member Company at the time in 2003.

After several years working across Canada doing special projects on rope, he moved into instructing rope access courses in 2009 for the same company. After 4.5 yrs of instructing, Dirk  took on the role of Technical Authority for R.A.T.

In 2014, he became a certified independent IRATA Assessor.

Currently, Dirk accepts third party IRATA assessments in North America, the Carribean & the world. He also facilitates rope access projects in the Calgary region with his company Access Anywhere.  This keeps Dirk home with his family and offers time to continue to research & develop Ropes Edge products.


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