The Edge

A Rope Access Edge Management System

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The Edge sharp edge management system is designed for use on varying sizes & depths of “Kick-Plate” found on industrial & commercial work sites. 

The Edge has been designed for use with Wire Rope Rigging Slings, Nylon & Natural fiber Ropes as a physical barrier to assist in the protection of the slings or rope from coming into contact with the sharp edges of the Kick-Plate during normal use.  

When rigging steel rope slings over kick-plate, they are often damaged due to acute “kinking”. The Edge device mitigates this problem by offering a rounded surfaces to rest upon.

In Industrial Rope Access, all Ropes shall be rigged in such a way so as to avoid contact with potential hot, sharp or abrasive surfaces that threaten the integrity of the life supporting Rope Access system.

The Edge may be used with product diameters of up to 13mm.
(The Edge “Rope Channel” dia. is 15mm)

The Edge should not be used if the expected load on the Rope exceeds 250kg regardless of the entry angle into the device.

The Edge, and all of its parts is never to be considered, or used as an anchoring device or an “anchorage” itself, and therefore, does not hold a rating.

Life-Span of The Edge is the earlier of 10 years from manufacture date & 5 yrs from first use, and dependant on passing regular inspections.

The Vortex does not protect Rope from hot surfaces or radiant heat of any kind. Normal rigging & avoidance practices of hot surfaces in Rope Access shall be observed whilst using The Edge.

Material – PA 12 Nylon

PA 12 nylon properties :

Melting point

175° C

Tensile Strength

48 MPa


approx 15 – 20%

Impact Resistant

to 1247 flbs/ sq. inch

Low Temp limit

-40°C in short term duration

PA12 Nylon holds excellent chemical resistance to oils, greases, aliphatic hydrocarbons & alkalis.  However, should be inspected and removed from service in the event of contamination.

Actual properties of the material may vary slightly from those listed above based on processing parameters, operating conditions, and material usage. The Manufacturer makes no warranties of materials for any particular application, nor does it make a warranty of any type, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the warranty of merchantability for a particular purpose.

The Edge Technical Data Sheet


403 678 1040

403 678 1040

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