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Height safety

made simple.

The Ropes Edge is dedicated to supplying intelligently designed & engineered Edge Management Systems for the Rope Access, Technical Rope Rescue & Rigging communities.

We are part of a community conversation that has become increasingly focused on improving sharp edge management for rope.  What we found was that there were a lack of highly effective options designed specifically for these purposes. Our developer, Dirk Dorenbros (IRATA L3/A/i), developed The Vortex and The Edge to provide technologically advanced and incredibly easy-to-use edge management systems for the technicians that use them every day.

  The Vortex

  • Acts to protect life-supporting Rope from coming into contact with the sharp/serrated edges of steel & composite walkway grating & grid-mesh around the world. 
  • Is designed and tested to work with varying sizes of walkway grating commonly found on industrial work sites.  
  • Incredibly fast & secure installation. 
  • Reliable Thread-Lock system keeps The Vortex in place securely, protecting it from unintended movement.
  • Offers an unparalleled Bend Radius for the ropes contact surface entering the device thereby offering more strength retention of the rope used. 100% strength retention, in fact!
  • Constructed of Ultra-Lite & Ultra-Durable advanced Thero-Plastic materials using ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING (link). The Vortex will stand up to the abuses of an industrial work site.
  • The Vortex is an incredibly functional piece of equipment that technicians will want to carry with them weighing in at 155g
  • No more occupying a technicians valuable time to “keep an eye” on the edge protection.
  • Given the increased bend radius and ultra low friction coefficient of the material, lowering a casualty or load through The Vortex is made possible. 
  • Accepts up to 13mm nylon kernmantle or natural fiber Rope.

  The Edge

  • Developed after a close examination of the limited number of current market offerings for rigging around walkway Kick-Plate with steel slings.   
  • This rigging practice is regularly performed, and often at the cost of the steel slings. Once weighted with a worker or load, the steel slings can “kink” and are often damaged to a point of disrepair.  
  • Nylor or natural fiber Rope can also be used in The Edge to rig around the Kick-Plates & other similar sharp edge surfaces.. A proper risk assessment is required for every rigging plan when rigging around Kick-Plate


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403 678 1040

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