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Why RopesEdge?

From Climber, to Developer, to Manufacturer.. RopesEdge is a passionate & dedicated company developing intelligently designed & highly effective Edge Management Systems with the End User in mind for the Rope Access & Rope Rescue industries.

Ropes Edge Product Development

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RopesEdge is a dedicated small company developing intelligently designed & highly engineered Edge Management Systems.

Our line of products are technically advanced in design & function to increase safety & efficiency during normal use. Protecting ropes from sharp & abrasive edges in the often harsh Industrial & commercial working environments.

Ropes Edge Product Design

Increase Safety & Efficiency

We take Edge Management Systems to the next level. We feel that there are better ways to protect rope from sharp & abrasive edges in any environment that ropes are used to support human life.  Gone are the days of using cut up gloves, sections of ratty old carpet or modified fire hose to protect life supporting ropes in today’s technologically advanced world. #thereisabetterway

Ropes Edge Products - Rope Safety

Additive Manufacturing

We carry a certain passion for working Safely & Efficiently at Height and on Rope. And we bring this passion to our products in their engineered simplicity, effectiveness and the end user experience. Incredibly easy to use, single hand installation and ultra-lite on the harness. RopesEdge is proud to be working with our Canadian Additive Manufacturers using the HP products, using some of the most advanced Additive Manufacturing technologies and materials available today.

RopesEdge Featured New Product!

The SkyNet – Drop Prevention Catchment System


Ropes Edge - The Edge - Rope Access
Ropes Edge - The Edge 90 - Rope Access

RopesEdge is leading the global rope access & rope rescue community conversation that has become increasingly focused on improving the “Level of Protection” of an Edge Management System.  What we have found is that historically, there has been a lack of user friendly, safe & efficient options designed specifically for these purposes and that “Improvised edge protectors” like carpet or cardboard offer rather low “levels of protection” to the rope and bend radius.. 


We developed the RopesEdge line of products to provide technologically advanced &  incredibly easy-to-use edge management systems for the technicians that use them on a daily basis where Safety & Efficiency is paramount.. 

Ropes Edge - The Edge In Action

RopesEdge products are designed & engineered to increase Safety & Efficiency and with the end user in mind.  With the key design features taking much less time & effort to instal and engage into the system.

The Set Screw

600lbs Cam Strap

Increased Bend Radius

Too-less One Hand Installation

Padded Parapet Protection

The Thread-Lock Collar

Friction Reducing Roller Bearings

Rope Retention System To Keep The Rope Within The Protector

Additional Attachment Points For Those Super Difficult Edge Negotiations

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3d print Vortex - ropes edge
Vortex 3d Print


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The Vortex

The Vortex – A Walkway Grating Edge Management System.. is designed for use in varying depths & sizes of Walkway (aka: Kennedy) grating & composite Grid-Mesh grating often found on industrial work sites. The Vortex is sold in pairs and comes in 2 sizes. (custom sizing options may be available in all of our products. Please contact for details)

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The Edge

The Edge – An Edge Management System for Kick-Plate.. designed for use on the varying sizes & depths of walkway Kick-Plate and other plate metal structure often found on industrial & commercial work sites.  The Edge was originally designed for wire rope slings to avoid kinking the slings when rigged directly over kick-plate to capture the structural steel below. The Edge achieves these goals via the increased bend radius, captive clevis pin and set screw keeping the device firmly in place during normal use. Synthetic & natural fibre rope may also be used in The Edge.

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The Edge90°

The Edge90° Parapet Clamp – Designed primarily for high rise building maintenance sector of the industry, is sold as a set, increases Safety & Efficiency with key features like the “cam-strap”, that creates the clamping mechanism holding the Edge90° firmly in place during normal use.. and the padded underside saving dented/damaged parapets that bring costly repairs from the more common carpet and fabric “protectors”. The Edge 90° also incorporates friction fighting roller bearings that help reduce friction when hauling ropes back up over the parapet after each drop.. and in the event of a lower or hauling rescue.

“HARD barriers at the TOP..

“SOFT barriers for the way down…”

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